Chail – Beautiful Place To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most traveled states in India. The state has several small hill stations that are eye candies. Chail is one of them. There are many beautiful places to visit in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. The distance from Shimla is 44 kilometers and the distance from Solan is 45 kilometers. From Delhi, the hill station is at a distance of 356 kilometers.

If you plan a weekend getaway from Delhi, it is one of the best sought after locations. Something that is a sight to watch in Chail is the architecture that is unique and a class in itself. Go with your friends or family and get the best out of a vacation site. Did you know that Chail has the highest cricket ground of the world? Known for hike and camp, one will get everything out of an adventure trip in Chail.

The city is at an elevation of 2250 meters from sea level and also known as Hiker’s paradise. A few other places that you can visit when you are in Chail are Jabli, Kalhat, Sadupul, Kandaghat and Solan. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going!

11 Best Places & Things To Do In Chail

Visiting Chail for the architecture is not enough. There is more to the beauty of this place. Keep reading to know about the things to see in Chail.

1. Chail Palace Hotel

Chail Palace Hotel - Best Place To Visit In Chail

It is one of the best places to visit in Chail, Built by the Maharaja of Patiala, Chail palace is a treat to your sore eyes. The architecture of this palace hotel is excellent and breath taking. The budget is a little on the higher side if you plan to stay there. If you are willing to spend that amount, nothing like it. If not, you can visit the hotel and have a look around of the ancient beauty.

2. Kali ka Tibba

kali ka tibba

Kali bhakts or general Hindu bhakts like to visit Kali ka tibba or Kali Temple for the internal peace. Mostly people on a trip with family prioritize their visit to this temple surrounded by trees. It is not a mandate that people on solo trips can’t visit.

3. Gurudwara Sahib

Gurudwara Sahib chail

Have you seen a Gurudwara? You know that it looks very different from a Church. How about visiting a Gurudwara that is famous for its look like that of a church? Yes, you heard it right.

4. Sadhupur Lake

Sadhupur lake

Hill stations and lake go hand in hand. This lake is quite the talk of the town for its restaurant that lets you enjoy the water and enjoy your food at the same time. This definitely calls for an adventure trip with friends and family.

5. Angling

Angling - Beautiful place to visit in Chail

Giri River is popular and what makes it more popular is the crowd busy angling. Are you one of them?

6. Trekking

trekking -  Best Things To Do In Chail

Go trekking at an elevation that you have never tried before. People prefer going hiking to some of the popular tourist points and get the adrenaline rush. Your adventure trip is definitely one to remember always.

7. Hiking

Hiking -  Best Things To Do In Chail

As already mentioned, it is known as a Hiker’s Paradise, you will love the experience of hiking in Chail.

8. Wildlife Sanctuary

wildlife sanctuary chail

Do you love animals and want to have a closer look at some of the unseen animals of the world? Visit Chail wildlife sanctuary and note down your experience.

9. Cricket Ground

cricket ground chail

The highest cricket ground of the world was built by Maharaja Bhupender Singh. He, a cricket enthusiast ensured that this cricket ground was world famous. You will see this place crowded by youths playing cricket.

Shopping Shopping and more Shopping

Hill stations have exquisite products to shop. Chail has several shopping destinations. Shopping centers will lure you to fill your bags with gifts for people back home. Have the most amazing adventure trip in India with so much to do.

10. Sidh Baba Mandir

sidh baba mandir

Sidh Baba Mandir is one of the best regional places to see in Chail Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built this temple too apart from other structures in Chail. It is believed that it was dream that compelled him to build this temple which was also a place for his meditation.

11. Camping

camping in chail

Surrounded by lush green view, you will fall in love with your camping decision in Chail. The view from the camping site is an experience to behold. If you are on an adventure trip with friends, choosing camping over hotel stays makes more sense.

How To Reach Chail?

As the distance between Delhi to Chail is around 350 kilometers, you can take a car ride to the hill station. You will reach in 9 hours. If you choose to take a bus, you will reach in approximately 7 hours from Delhi. From Chandigarh, the distance gets short which is 107 kilometers. Hence taking a bus reaches you in 4 hours. From Gurgaon, you reach in about 8 hours. If you are travelling from any other part of India, your nearest airport will be Delhi. From there, you can take any of the above means of transport.

Do you want to travel by train? You must reach Shimla first and then from there, you cover a distance of 15 kilometers in your choice of means of transport. Now that you know, Chail is not too difficult to reach, request for your quotes for trips with friends. Finally, choose the one that suits your budget.

How Much Budget Is Needed For This Trip?

You should keep in mind that a typical two to three days in Chail will cost you approximately Rs 7500. You can get quotes of hotels or camping from your travel agent. Tell them what your budget looks like so that nothing comes as a surprise to you.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Chail?

Hill Stations are crowded by people across the seasons. These places call newlyweds, families and friends to enjoy the lush green view and the snow view during winters. The best time to visit Chail is from March to June (Summers). This works out the best for families with children as children enjoy their summer vacations during that time of the year.

Be it a solo trip, trip with friends or family, Chail will entertain everyone with its views and activities. Have the best time of your life by choosing Chail in Himachal. Most hill stations get over-crowded but Chail will give you the peace and solitude if you have been looking for that.

At times, uncalled for plans make the best trips. At other times, it is the planned ones. We don’t know what suits you the best. We only know that you should make your choice right away!



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