Being in India, if you want to feel what international trips feel like, Goa assures to fulfill that desire of yours. A place that is in India and has all the ingredients to make your trip an adventurous and rejuvenating one. Whether, you are in Goa for a family trip, a business trip or an adventure trip, you will love the stay there. What makes Goa the most desired holiday destination in India is the love for beach. There are many beaches spread across Goa. One will never get bored when in Goa. You can explore islands as well, particularly famous in South Goa.


Goa is close to places such as Daman, Mumbai, Bangalore and Puducherry (Pondicherry). The distance between Daman and Goa is 585 kilometers, between Mumbai and Goa is 440 kilometers, from Bangalore is 455 kilometers and from Puducherry, it is 721 kilometers. If you calculate the distance from the country capital that is Delhi, it comes to be 1517 kilometers. If you are travelling from nearby places, you can plan a weekend getaway with friends. If not, plan a holiday not less than four days.


If you are on a trip to Goa, estimate a budget which is Rs 5000 for a two night stay there. The higher limit can be higher depending on the package you choose. There are travelers paying approximately Rs 30000 for a three-night stay in Goa. The budget depends on your pocket and how much you want to explore and experience.

Things to do and see in Goa

There is a never-ending list of things to do and places to see in Goa. We won’t make it a lengthy one. Let us focus on the top ones so it is easier for you to shortlist.

1. Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Talking of Goa, the first thing you must visit is Calangute beach. It is one of the most visited beaches in the city. Spread at a length of Candolim to Baga, this beach is the largest one in North Goa. It is in the heart of the city and connects you to most of the other locations to see in Goa. You can find an accommodation nearby and rent conveyances. When on an adventure trip, you must visit this beach as it has many water sports available for the backpackers.

2. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Considered a UNESCO world heritage site, this church is one of the oldest of the lot. This church has the remains as well as the tomb of Saint Francis Xavier. Also, it is believed that this church marks the beginning of Christianity as a major religion in India. You will see that the church is well maintained and narrates story of its Portuguese heritage.

3. Baga Beach

Baga Beach

Well, this is the beach that is popular among the Goa visitors. If you are going for the first time and want to get everything of Goa in one umbrella, Baga Beach should be on your list. It hosts some of the crazy parties in the evening. Food lovers can try authentic Goan cuisine or street foods that are unique. The beach has something for everyone. If you are on a family trip, you may want to go to this place alone for that “Me Time”.

4. Club Cubana

Club Cubana

If you are on an adventure trip with friends or your partner, you ought to be a part of one of the craziest nightclubs in Goa. With an ambience that is so different and unlike from any other, you will meet likeminded people, who are party lovers not just from India, but from across the globe. Such is the craze of this place! You can’t afford to miss the madness here.

4. Dona Paula

Dona Paula

Located in the suburbs, Dona Paula is a tourist destination that was once a village. There are also many luxurious hotels here if you want to have a look of them or stay. It is a romantic place known for its ocean views and perfect promenade. Just 7 kilometers from the famous Panji, it is also one of the most happening places in North Goa.

5. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach

Most beaches these days are exploited in an unpleasant manner. If you want to have the bohemian feel with cleanliness and less population around, Arambol Beach is where one must be. It is therefore tagged as one of the best beaches of North Goa. Tourists love the vibe of this beach with less activities happening. Are you on a family trip? This beach may be just the right one to explore for you.

6. Casino

Casino Pride 2

Do you fancy going to a Casino and trying your luck? Do you want love Blackjack or Rummy or for that matter even, American Roulette? If you answer is Yes, situated in Mandovi river is a Yacht. This is Casino, one of the best places to visit when in Goa with friends or colleague. The entry fee is on the higher side, you won’t mind paying that for the fun you can have and also win some if you have the luck. Your adventure trip with friends gets better with Casino. Goa is one of the 3 states in India where Casinos are legal, other two being Daman and Sikkim.

7. Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market

One thing that we all love to do when we visit a place is shop till we drop. In Goa, this feeling gets elevated and strong because in Anjuna flea market, you get to buy many for less. You ask for anything and they have it; spices, toys, t shirts, hippie dresses, accessories and everything else that can make you feel in Goa. Either you are on a solo trip or a group trip, you should visit this market. Moreover, every Wednesday between 9 Am to 6 Pm, there is this sale of used mobiles, cameras, and etc.

8. Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities in Goa
Image Source – Cleartrip

Water Sport is something, and it goes without saying, that you must try in Goa. Most of the beaches that you visit will have those water activities. Children and youths love these activities. Kneeboarding, diving, snorkeling are some of the water activities. You can also try para sailing, paragliding, kayaking etc.

Apart from the above mentioned activities and places in Goa, you have an opportunity to visit the old Churches, enjoy Cruise and even visit forts like Chapora Fort. Live your Dil Chahta Hai moment there and click photos for memories. As already mentioned, there are so many things one can see and do in Goa, you have no probability of getting bored at any cost.

How to Reach Goa?

Panaji, the capital city is where the international airport is located. It is well connected with almost every city in India. If you are travelling by air, Panaji is your destination. From there, you take a public transport and reach your hotel.

If you are travelling from Mumbai, Bangalore, or even Pune, there are many options of buses to choose from. If travelling with family, it is better you choose the luxurious mode of transport.

There are 6 major railway stations in Goa. The most common last stations are Vasco da Gama or Madgaon. Do not worry, whichever station you deboard at, you will be close to the main city.

Best Time to visit Goa

Christmas and New Years are the two festivals that enliven the city. If you want to travel to Goa, always choose the peak season that is from November to February. People don’t mind travelling to Goa during summer too. What is your plan? Are you on an adventure trip with friends, family trip or a solo trip? Plan in advance for better stay and cheap packages. Goa being flocked by 2 million tourists every year and it gets expensive in terms of flight and stay during the peak season. Don’t wait for the last minute.

Be Young Once Again by Travelling to Goa!

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