Karjat Tourism: Best Places To Visit In Karjat This Year

Are you planning for a trip with friends or family? Karjat is the place that will inundate your excitement with joy and never-ending peace. It is Karjat, a historic hill station close to Mumbai. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai in Monsoon and early winters. Not being too far from the city, one can easily travel to this place and return in a day or two and not get tired. Your Monday will not seem too exasperated. You will be fresh and energized for a new day at work. All you needed was the break to Karjat. You must be wondering how to travel, when to travel, places to visit in Karjat and more such questions. Well, we have everything covered for you in this blog. Continue reading to find out more.

Location and How to Reach Karjat

Karjat is located in Maharashtra. It is an ideal place for an adventure trip near Mumbai. This tinsel town is at a short distance of approximately 70 kilometers from Mumbai. If you are in Pune, the distance is approximately 30 kilometers more. You can take any route whichever is feasible. Being a distance, which is quite manageable, people like to travel by their personal car, hired car or even by public transport. People from the capital that is from New Delhi can cover a distance of approximately 1500 kilometers with the help of several trains. Multiple trains run from Delhi to Karjat railway station. The time required will definitely be more than a day. If you don’t want to spend that long a time on your trip with friends in India, flight is what is your ultimate resort. And owing to the location of this tinsel hill station, there are many places to visit in Karjat.

You can take a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Cover the distance in two hours at the max and then hire a car. There can’t be anything easier than this. This route is ideal for solo trips for girls. If you are in the neighboring areas of Karjat, there is nothing like being on a bus and travelling with friends or family and singing your way to Karjat.

What Should be Your Budget?

Whenever we decide on an adventure trip in India or any part of the world, we ensure that the budget is maintained. Karjat, being a small hill station in Maharashtra doesn’t demand a lot of money to be squandered. If we don’t consider the travel cost, your two-day trip to Karjat will cost you around Rs 4000. Isn’t that a budget that anyone can travel on?

Taking your travel cost in mind, you will pay anywhere around Rs 5000 to Rs 15000 per person. The maximum price includes your flight fare. Choose the budget you want to opt for. We should not forget that the range is the minimum cost that one spends. The maximum amount can vary depending on the type of services you opt for. Karjat falls under the category of being one of the cheapest places to visit in summer in India as well as in monsoon.

Why to Visit Karjat?

Karjat has got its appeal to visitors and tourists. The solo reason is its universality. By universality, it means the hill station is suitable to visit during summer and during monsoon. Those are the seasons when people like to embark on a nature trip with friends and families. You can also choose the place for your honeymoon trip from any part of India. It is budget-friendly and offers serenity at its best.

It is a place that attracts people of all age-group and interests. Reasons are many including beautiful tourist sites, nature trip and history lover.

So without further ado, let us take a look at the places to visit in Karjat:

1. Kondana Caves

The Beautiful architecture of Kondana caves

Who doesn’t love to enter into caves and be mesmerized with the sculptures there? Kondana caves is one of them. It has so much to offer pertaining to Buddhist ancient culture to the visitors. It is believed that some of the best Buddhist sculptures were damaged because of an earthquake in the early 1900s. People in search of adventure gets it here. Planning for an adventure trip in India? Karjat has a lot for your satisfaction.

2. Kothaligad Fort

Kothaligad Fort- Karjat

Fond of carvings and history that dates back to the 13th century? Kothaligad fort is what you have been looking for. The carvings on the walls of this fort is an evidence that you have an ancient fort for your sore eyes.This is a must visit place in Karjat

3. Ulhas Valley

Ulhas Valley- Karjat

No adventure trip in India is complete without the experience of trekking? How about enjoying the scenic beauty of Ulhas river flowing through the valley while you are trekking? Sounds exciting already. It is your type of place for sure.

4. Bhivpuri Waterfalls

Bhivpuri Waterfall- Karjat

You are on a trip to nature. It is incomplete without the view of a waterfall. Bhivpuri waterfall is the place in Karjat that has a stunning view with lush green surrounding for your inner peace. The water that falls from the cliff makes your day for sure.

The adventure doesn’t stop here. There are more places in Karjat for making your trip a rejuvenating one. Trekking, Rapelling, Para gliding, nature sight-seeing are some of the activities that should be on your To Do list.

Nearby Places

The best thing about visiting Karjat is that it has many other beautiful places that invite you. Mumbai, the city that never sleeps should be appealing. Other cities include Lonavala, Kamshet, Matheran, Khandala, Rajmachi, Alibag and Pune. If not a weekend getaway in India and you are planning for a few more days, these places to visit nearby Karjat should be on your mind too.

When to Travel Karjat?

Karjat is a place that you can visit throughout the year. If you want to enjoy this hill station at its best, you should plan your solo trip or trip with friends and families anywhere between July to early October. Ensure to start planning your trip a month in advance so you get the best deals while booking your tickets.

Things to Keep in mind

As the city is best to travel during summers and rainy season, you must have a few things handy.

  • Carry a raincoat as it may rain any time and you don’t want to get wet. Of course, if you love rain, the choice is yours!
  • A good quality trekking shoes if you want to trek there. Trekking gets tedious without the best pair of shoes
  • Camera that can capture your beautiful shots and bring your moments to life later. If you have a phone that has high definition camera, that should do the job
  • A Map in case you don’t have a guide
  • Spare clothes if the rain gets you wet, and you don’t have clothes to wear

Be it a weekend getaway, a solo trip or a trip with friends and family, Karjat has something for everyone travelling. What are you waiting for? Vacay on your mind? Karjat is the place! Pack your bags and be ready to get closest to the nature.

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