Rightly known as the “City of Joy”, one can’t miss out on the raw side of this city, Kolkata. Whether you are looking to get engrossed in the old footprints of a city or you want to discover the latest infrastructure of a city, this city has it all. Being close to various cities in West Bengal, such as Darjeeling, Siliguri, or other cities such as Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and more, one can plan a quick family trip regularly or a weekend getaway.

The city has people inundating up to its brim and still has the capacity to accommodate more. Such crowded is the city, yet, in it lives the essence of this capital city. People who haven’t been to Kolkata will be awe with the colorful vibe once they set foot in the city. The people there predominantly speak Bengali. One can’t ignore the culture that they carry everywhere they go. In fact, when you return from your solo trip, you may have learned a word or two of the language.


The city is surrounded by many other cities that one can easily visit on their visit to Kolkata. Jamshedpur is 226 kilometers away, Siliguri is at a distance of 559 kilometers, Dhanbad is 273 kilometers away, and from the major cities such as Chennai, it is 1678 kilometers away, 2218 kilometers away from Mumbai, and from Delhi, it is at a distance of 1471 kilometers.


Kolkata is although a metropolitan, it is known for being budget-friendly. Unlike other cities where you need to have a budget of at least Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 for a two days trip, Kolkata can help you lead a comfortable life of two days in just Rs 3000. No kidding! This is how reasonable the city is. Most people like to go on a weekend getaway to this metro for it is pocket-friendly. Of course, if you squander over, your budget will be more. This is an estimate considering everything to be the basic.

Things to do in Kolkata

There are so many places that you can visit and activities that you can experience when you visit Kolkata. Depending on your plan of stay, you can filter those places. However, this blog will discuss the top ten places that you must visit whether on a family trip or a solo trip.

1. Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge 2020

Kolkata is popular for many attractions that are unique. One of its kind is the Howrah Bridge, and who has not heard of it? Being close to the railway station, one can rarely miss this sight. The bridge is a sight to watch and located over the river Hooghly in West Bengal. It glows at night and also one of the busiest being a cantilever bridge. When on your adventure trip, your adventure definitely begins from here.

2. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial 2020

Anything made in marble is truly mesmerizing and you just can’t miss the beauty of Victoria Memorial. Maintained by the Ministry of Culture, this pride of the city was built between the years 1906 – 1921. It is a building that has been built in love and respect for Queen Victoria. It is a museum that has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Kolkata.

3. Indian Museum

Indian Museum

Another museum that is one of the oldest of all the museums in India is another place that people like to visit. Especially, people on a family trip accompanying children, ensure their children learn about history through this museum. The museum has a wide range of collections of fossils, antiques, armors, even mummies and also paintings of the Mughal Era. For those who love to dig deep into History will love this museum.

4. Birla Planetarium

Birla Planetarium

This is the best place one can be with children on a family trip. There is a child in every adult too. Be at this planetarium and relive your childhood. The architecture of this building has been a direct influence of Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi. Did you know that it is the second-largest planetarium in the world and the largest in Asia? Well, if you didn’t, you must visit and find out more. The attraction is located at the popular Chowringhee Road and is close to Victoria Memorial.

5. Mother House

Mother House Kolkata 2020

We all know about the great Mother Teresa and her work of charity. She had been a legend and still lives in the heart of everyone not just in India but across the globe. There is a place dedicated to her memories in Kolkata. That is known as Mother House. The place houses the tomb of Mother Teresa and maintained by her followers as well as missionaries.

6. Science City

Science City Kolkata 2020

It is regarded as the best place for those who are interested in Science. This place was inaugurated not too long ago but on the 1st of July in the year 1997. Since then, this place has been a frequent visitor for many people including the local residents. It has a unique way of showing how Science paves our way of life. So, those who are on a family trip must definitely visit this place.

7. Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens 2020

India worships the game of cricket and can’t neglect how this game has grown on everyone. Well, a popular stadium of cricket that everyone has heard of is the Eden Gardens. It is the largest cricket stadium in the country. It is the second-largest in the world, which is not bad either. The capacity that this stadium holds is of 66,000 seats owing to a recent renovation activity taking place, or else the capacity was close to 100,000.

8. Jorasanko Thakur Bari

Jorasanko Thakur Bari 2020

One of the best persons in the field of Literature and also a Nobel laureate Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore was born in Kolkata. This is the house where he was born. Hence, this holds a great place of importance, it is preserved as how it was when Tagore lived in this house. You may be on an adventure trip to Kolkata but ensure that you visit this house.

9. Marble Palace Mansion

Marble Palace Mansion 2020

This is another majestic looking mansion that has a wide collection of masterpieces that the world has heard of. Built by Rajendra Mallick in the year 1835 at Chorbagan in North Kolkata, is a sight to watch. Masterpieces of Rueben, paintings by world-famous artists and other items that are we have just heard of will be seen here.

10. Fort William

Fort William 2020
Image Source – HolidayIQ

Named after King William III of England and Ireland and King William II of Scotland, this fort is known for its beauty as it stands tall in the eastern bank of the river Hooghly. Built during Bengal Presidency in West Bengal, this fort is an attention grabber for its architecture that is different from other forts in India. The fort now serves as accommodation for Indian Army personnel, hence, the inner premise is not accessible to the general public.

11. Activities

Nicco Park 2020
Nicco park Image Source – Kolkata Tourism

When it comes to activities, Kolkata has a mix of enjoyment waiting to be embraced by you. Visit Nicco park for fun and excitement, Park Street for some shopping, Princep Ghat for the view of the Sunset, Mother’s Wax Museum for seeing figures made of wax, and even to Salt Lake for a peaceful boat ride.

These are the top ten locations you can go to. However, there are many temples, tourist locations and shopping destinations that you can go to when on a trip to Kolkata.

How to Reach Kolkata

Being one of the busiest cities in the country, this city is very well connected through roadways, railways, and airways. The local transport is also a convenient mode of transport within the city.

If you take a train from any part of the country, you will reach Kolkata directly. It is a huge junction that accommodates trains from various parts of India.

You can fetch a bus in case you are traveling from nearby cities. It is advisable to hire a cab if it is a road trip with friends.

Kolkata has both domestic as well as an international airport. You can catch a flight from any part of India that connects with Kolkata directly.

Best Time to Visit Kolkata

Kolkata can be visited at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit this city is in Autumn and in Winter. The phase will be from October to February.

Are you ready to get immersed in the city of joy? Plan a weekend getaway ASAP!

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