Popularly known as “the White Desert of India”, Kutch is a place that has a surreal view and gives an experience to its tourists that leaves everyone speechless. The white-colored salt sand of the desert is so beautiful that one can spend hours without interruption and come back unexhausted. Many also plan for weekend getaways that last in their memory forever. The place is popular for camping, hot air ballooning experience for travelers and entertainment of people from across the globe.

Kutch is the largest district of India with an area of 45,674 kilometers square. It is situated in Gujarat and known as one of the best places in India that offers a stunning view of not just desert but also takes one close to their culture as well. Solo trip travelers love to visit Kutch for the Rann of Kutch festival and meet like-minded people not just from every part of India but from other countries as well.


Located in Gujarat, Kutch is close to many top cities of Gujarat. The distance from Bhuj is less than 100 kilometers, Ahmedabad is 400 kilometers, Vadodara is at a distance of 509 kilometers, from Pune, it is at a distance of 1054 kilometers. From Kolkata, it is at a distance of 2431 kilometers. Surat is located at a distance of 660 kilometers.


The budget for a two days trip to Kutch should be at least Rs 6000 and that maximum budget can go beyond depending on how much you want to cover, and how you travel and where you stay.

Things to do in Kutch

Great Rann of Kutch: One of the most popular tourist destinations in Kutch is the Rann of Kutch. There are two parts to this salt marshes; one is the Great Rann of Kutch and another one Little Rann of Kutch. If you are on a family trip, do visit this place for some wobbly camel ride and enjoyment. The best thing to do here is admiring the sunset that enhances the beauty of the place. Many movies have been picturized here for the beauty it has. No one can ignore the picturesque beauty of this place.

Kutch Museum

Kutch Museum 2020
Image Source – Trawell

If you are interested to know about Kutch’s history, Kutch museum is the place that will showcase a collection of Kutchi scripts as well as coins. You can also see other archaic objects on the tour of the museum; paintings, musical instruments, metalwork, and beautiful sculptures.


Dholavira 2020

We all know of the famous and the most developed civilization of ancient time; Indus Valley Civilization. The excavation of this civilization is still present in Dholavira. You can see the remains of that popular civilization that boasted of its development even 4500 years ago. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Tentatively).

Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach 2020

It is one of the most mesmerizing beaches in the country. People on family trips as well as weekend getaways come to this place for some fun time and enjoyment. The place is full of people busy either enjoying or just stretching their bodies to relax. Take part in one of the most unusual activity one take to do at a beach, take a camel ride.

Kutch Bustard Sanctuary

Kutch Bustard Sanctuary 2020
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It is also called as the Lala Prajan Sanctuary by the local population. The species of Bustard is not easily available everywhere. This sanctuary is solely dedicated to the preservation of this unusual wildlife known as Great Indian Bustard. This sanctuary has three varieties of Bustard that you may get to see when on a visit along with much other wildlife.

Aaina Mahal

Aaina Mahal 2020
Image Source – Kutch Guide

Not just the name is interesting, the place is interesting too. It is “Hall of Mirrors” that can make your day. Children may be in awe with this place. During the reign of Lakpatji, this mahal was built. It dates back to the eighteenth century and is known for its marked beauty. Even if it is a short trip like a weekend getaway, ensure that you visit this place.

Narayan Sarovar

Narayan Sarovar 2020

It is the point that has the combination of five sarovars; Pampa Sarovar, Man Sarovar, Narayan Sarovar, Bindu Sarovar, and Pushkar Sarovar. Hindus love to visit this place as it is a place of significance and importance. It is in an area of the 444-kilometer square. You will get to see a number of birds and animals. Although a sarovar, it is known as Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary.

Prag Mahal

Prag Mahal 2020

If you are in Aaina Mahal or close to the mahal, it is absolutely convenient to be in Prag Mahal. The distance isn’t much and calls for a must-visit. If you are a lone traveler or on an adventure trip with friends, you will definitely like to see the Gothic styled windows and pillars in Corinthian style. The uniqueness of this palace is the joint efforts of both Indian and Foreign professionals; designed by Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins while commissioned by Pragmali II, the then ruler.

Rann Utsav of Kutch

Rann Utsav of Kutch 2020

Something that is utterly gorgeous and brings out the spirit of Indianness in you is this Rann Utsav of Kutch. Kutch is a place that boasts of its culture and tradition. If you want to experience that, you can definitely do that during the Rann Utsav of Kutch. The Utsav takes place from the end of Nov or early December to the month of February. The exact dates keep on changing.

Shopping in Kutch

Shopping in Kutch 2020
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Of course, not malls but you will like the handcrafted and traditional products that you can buy here. Bandhani fabrics and bedsheets are popular picks from Kutch. You can buy them for your home or people you want to gift.


Kutch Activities 2020

There are a number of activities one can do in Kutch. Enjoy the Rann Utsav and be a part of the amazing music and art of the locals there. One can also appreciate the work of artisans. One interesting thing that you should look forward to is the match of football that takes place every day. The number of participants is about a thousand. Enjoy indoor games in a widespread area that excites everyone. Witness the culture of Gujarat and that of India in one platform.

How to Reach Kutch

The only convenient mode of travel to this place is by road. Other modes of transport are not very close. No matter which mode of travel you take, you will have to take the local transport from Bhuj and reach Kutch.

The nearest b station however is Bhuj which is connected with other cities. The nearest airport is Bhuj again and it has flights coming over from various cities.

Best Time to Visit Kutch

You don’t want to miss the cultural nights and the clear sky with a blue moon. Hence the best time to visit this place is from November to February. Make yourself available so you can enjoy the best part of India then.



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