Popularly known as the smallest hill station of India, Matheran is located in Maharashtra. Can you believe that Matheran is the only hill station in Asia and one of the few on this planet where vehicles are not allowed to enter. Imagine the pollution free life this place enjoys. There can’t be a better weekend getaway than this. Looking for peace and solace and an escapade from the city life? Matheran is where you ought to be and find your inner peace. If you are planning for an adventure trip with friends to this place, don’t forget to get quotes for trip with friends. Although the smallest of all hill stations, the views that this place has to offer to its tourists is simply breath-taking. If you are in Maharashtra and have been pondering over where to go for the best experience, choose this hill station with no second thought.

Must be wondering what are those places to visit? Well, there are approximately 36 places that you can visit here. Let us find about them.

Things to do and see in Matheran

1. Panorama Point

Panorama Point Matheran

Sunrise makes for a beautiful time of the day. It can’t get better when you see it from this point meant to watch the sunrise. It can be a great family trip after a hectic schedule at work.

2. Monkey Point

Monkey Point Matheran

This place is known for several monkey breeds and baboons that you generally don’t get to see. Visit this point and capture the unusual creatures that you see there for memory, and it goes without saying that the views here are mesmerizing.

3. Echo Point

Echo Point Matheran

You must have seen in most movies; Echo point is just the romantic location that every lover wants to go to. You can shout out anything and you get to hear that back. Isn’t it one of the best things to do on an adventure trip?

4. Porcupine Point

porcupine point matheran

It serves as two in one point for the tourists. You not only get a great view from here but also can see the famous Prabalgad Fort from this point.

5. Shivaji’s Ladder

Shivaji Ladder Matheran

In the shape of a ladder, this spot is great for walking and trekkers. At a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from Matheran, your adventure trip meets its peak when you reach here.

6. Louisa Point

Louisa Point Matheran

Just as the Porcupine Point, you get to see the city together with forts Prabalgad and Vishalgad Fort. People who visit this point for the first time hold their breath for a few minutes to appreciate the beauty.

7. Alexander Point

Alexander Point Matheran

When on a family trip or a solo trip, something that will always catch your attention is Alexander Point. This point is close to most of the resorts and therefore the most visited point of all.

8. Neral Matheran Toy Train

Neral Matheran Toy Train Tourism

Children love toy train rides and we have heard of such rides in north eastern hill stations. Matheran has this wonderful toy train that connects Neral which is approximately 21 kilometers from Matheran. Ensure that your children take a ride on this train.

9. Prabal Fort

Prabal Fort Matheran

There are points from where you can see this fort. However, the first-hand experience is always worth investing in. Fall in love with this old remains of this fort.

10. Ambarnath Temple

Ambarnath Temple Matheran Tourism

Religious people can find their shrine anywhere they go. Ambarnath temple in Matheran is one such temple that people throng to worship Lord Shiva. If not anything else, you will definitely love the architect of this temple. The meticulous design and carving will leave you speechless. Don’t forget to take a look around even though it is an adventure trip with friends when in Matheran.

11. Mount Barry

Mount Barry Marthen

If you want to have an eagle’s eye view of the toy train running, waterfall around and the natural surroundings of Matheran, this point has got you covered. It is also one of the most crowded points in Matheran known for its lush green atmosphere.

12. Dhodani Waterfall

Dodhani Waterfall Matheran

If you are a nature lover and looking for some adventure your way, Dhodani Waterfall is the place to be. The milky white waterfall will keep you glued to the place for long. Forget all your worries and anxiety when you are here.

13. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Matheran Tourism

If yours is an adventure trip, you can’t miss to climb the rock in Matheran. Considered as one of the best things to do here, you will have the best time of your weekend trip with friends.

14. Other Activities

Rappelling Matheran Tourism

Other activities that are very common and loved by people here are rappelling, trekking, and sight-seeing from the elevated viewpoints.


Matheran is one of the most inexpensive places in India. You can plan your two days trip in Rs 5000. That must bring a big curve on your face. The budget also depends on where you come from and how you choose to travel, not to forget where you stay also affects the budget.

How to Reach Matheran?

As it is a place that allows no vehicle, no matter which mode of transport you take, you need to get off at a nearby place and then take the local means such as trek or horse rides.

Travelling by flight? You need to take the flight to either Mumbai or Pune and then from there, you can take a public transport to Neral. There on, you choose the already mentioned means of transport.

If you are on a family trip, train will be the best option. You travel to Neral and from there, you can take the toy train.

When to Visit Matheran?

There is no restriction in visiting Matheran. You are free to go to this hill station any time of the year. The best time, however, is believed to be summer; that is from March to June.

Plan your weekend getaway with friends or family or even a solo trip and then create memories.

This place has so much to offer that you will not be able to return in a few days. When you visit Matheran, you can visit other nearby places such as Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Khandala and more.



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