Popularly known as the Wine Capital of India, this place holds great importance in the lives of the people of the country. You can visit the famous temples here and experience the world famous Kumbh Mela. Are you planning for a family trip? If yes, Nashik is an amazing place that can be ideal for both family holidays and religious trips. If you are planning a weekend getaway from Mumbai or Pune, this city is one of the best you can have in your list. Do you know Supranakha, the sister of Ravana? Yes, the mythological character. It is believed that her nose was cut by Lord Rama in Nashik. You can have the feel of being at a place with mythological importance too. We all know of Sula, the brand in wine that people prefer over other brands. Nashik is the home of this brand. Well, not just these things, you get to feel more about other attributes of this city. Plan a trip soon.


At a distance of 165 kilometers from the city that never sleeps, Mumbai, is an ideal place for a memorable weekend getaway. The distance between Nashik to Aurangabad is approximately 196 kilometers. The distance of this beautiful city from Pune is 212 kilometers approximately. The distance from the capital city Delhi is 1254 kilometers approximately. While planning your adventure trip with friends, you can keep the distance in mind. It will make your planning better.


The minimum budget one can estimate when travelling from the nearest location or let’s say from Mumbai is Rs 7000. The budget can go higher as your distance of travel changes. If you are travelling from Delhi, the cost can go upwards of Rs 10000. Hence, you can assume that the budget to make a family trip or a solo trip to Nashik will not be less than Rs 7000 or Rs 10000.

Things to do in Nashik

1. Panchavati

Panchavati Nashik

As per the mythology, The Ramayana, Panchavati is known to be the shelter of Lord Rama when he along with his lady Sita and brother Laxman were exiled for 14 long years. You will get to see the cave and the area from where Sita was abducted by Ravana. It is a place of pilgrimage and an attraction point for many pilgrims across the country. There are 5 Banyan trees here, hence the name Pancha-Vati.

2. Sula Vineyard

Sula Vineyards

We are already in awe with the taste of Sula wines. Why not take a visit to the land where it is vinified? The most interesting part is that you can stay in the resort within the vineyard and enjoy wine tasting sessions there. If you are a wine lover and you feel this sums up to be an adventure trip for you, you need to go there.

3. Saptashrungi

Saptashrungi Devi Temple Nasik

It is a hill range that you can’t miss out on when you are in Nashik. The name has been derived from Sanskrit. The first part “Sapta” means seven and “Shrung” means peaks. This means this place houses seven peaks and they blend well with 108 water bodies making the place a perfect epitome of surreal and serenity. Whether you are on a family trip or a trip with friends, you definitely can’t miss this place. There are many temples too that you can visit if you want some peace and piousness.

4. Pandavleni Cave

Pandavleni Caves Nashik

There are 24 caves within this huge cave that holds historical importance. According to Indian History, the caves are as old as 3rd Century BC and 2nd century AD. Satavahanas and Kshaharatas, the then rulers built these caves for the monks who followed Hinayana Buddhism. Religious people visit this group of caves whenever they are in Nashik.

5. Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls Nashik

As the name suggests, the water of the falls resemble white as milk. You will be mesmerized with the view when it is Monsoon. The view is breathtaking for the first timers and never-ending mesmerizing for frequent visitors.

6. Trimbakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar Nashik

Located at a distance of 38 kilometers from the main city, it is one of the holiest temples of Maharashtra. It is a form of Lord Shiva referred to as Jyotirlinga. There are 12 Jyotirlingas in total. Trimbakeshwar is located in Timbak, a city that is religious and has even been mentioned in the maha mrityunjai mantra. According to History, the temple was built by Peshwa Nana Saheb. If you love to appreciate classic architecture, Trimbakeshwar is where you will find your kind.

7. Anjaneri Hills

Anjaneri Mountain Nashik

A group of popular hills, that is not only a go to point for hikers but also for nature lovers. It also has its mythological significance like many other places in Nashik. Lord Hanumana is said to have been born here. When you are exploring the hills, you can also explore the ancient Anjaneri Fort. Your adventure trip with friends will meet its peak when you are here.

8. Kapileswara temple

Kapileswara temple nashik

The list of temples and forts doesn’t end with Anjaneri Hills. There is more. Kapileshwara temple is one of the most visited Shiva temples that one can’t avoid. The light in the evening makes it appear more beautiful and enchanting. You will find it shocking to know that this temple doesn’t have the Nandi Bull, Lord Shiva’s Sewak that finds its place in all other Shiva temples.

9. Gangapur Dham

Gangapur Dam Nashik

You should be proud to be here as it is Asia’s longest earthen reservoir. People like to go and sit by the park or garden adjacent to this dam. They enjoy the view that is extremely soothing. Bird watching is an activity that people like doing sitting beside this dam. People on family trips definitely make it a point to visit Gangapur Dam.

10. Mulher Trek

Mulhar Trek Nashik

People enthusiastic about trekking flock here for some adventure. Another name for Mulher is Mayurgad. This hill fort completes your adventure trip by providing trekking experience in Nashik, which otherwise is quite impossible in a city like that of Mumbai or Pune. Enjoy the altitude where the hill fort is located that is at 4200 feet and capture the view to die for.

11. Dhopad Trek

Dhopad Trek Nashik

Another trekking adventure that one can choose in Nashik is Dhopad Trek. You just can’t ignore the picturesque view this trek offers to adventure seekers or nature lovers for that matter. Together with trekking as a part of your adventure trip, you can visit Jagdamba temple and view the hill fort.

12. Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela Nashik

When in Nashik, how can one forget to have an experience of the world famous Kumbh Mela? Although this fair is celebrated in four parts of India. This fair takes place once every 12 years in the city (one city host every 4 years). The last one happened in the year 2015. The next one will be held in the year 2027.

13. Ram Kund

Ram Kund Nashik

It is believed that Lord Rama, when he was exiled, used to bathe here, also he immersed his father’s ashes into this Kund. After this, people of Nashik and from other parts of India started following this as a ritual. Now, it is one of the rituals that one can’t miss. If you are religious and want your sins to be washed, Ram Kund is where one can be.

14. Coin Museum

Coin Museum Nashik Tourism

Do you love collecting coins? If Yes, this is the place you would find your solace. This museum has a collection of coins of different ages and made of different materials. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Even if it is not a part of your adventure trip, you can make this an adventurous one by being here and witnessing the coins of time.

15. Activities

Paragliding Nashik Tourism

There are several parks where people can go and have a look. There are adventure parks for adventure lovers on an adventure trip. Trekking is one of the most undertaken activities that you can’t miss. Nashik also has a number of water parks that you may find interest in.

How to reach Nashik?

There is no direct flight to Nashik, however there are ample of trains and buses moving from far off places and places around the city. If you would like to travel by flight, the nearest airport is Mumbai international airport. From there, you take the local transport.

Travelling by bus is convenient from cities such as Pune, Mumbai, and few other cities of Maharashtra. You get both AC and Non-AC buses. The fares are affordable ranging between Rs 400 to Rs 700.

Your adventure trip gets more adventurous when you take a train. It is convenient and connects you to Nashik directly.

Best Time to visit Nashik?

Summer being extremely hot and uncomfortable will not give you an inviting feel. The best time to visit Nashik is in winter, specifically between October to February. Children enjoy their winter vacation during this time. It calls for an ideal family trip.

When you have already decided to visit this city if wine, why not extend it to visit a few nearby and beautiful places too? A few cities that you can visit during the same trip are Pune, Lonavala, Mumbai and more. You will get several modes of transportation to these places. It won’t be inconvenient at all. No matter where you go, don’t forget to try the authentic Maharashtrian dishes. Solo trip travelers will also not face any problem in context of travel and stay.



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