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Mumbai is amongst the biggest metropolitans on India, life in Mumbai is exciting and stirring but just like any other metro the city life’s hustle can get to your nerves. Everybody needs a little break to rejuvenate, but with job and so many responsibilities one cannot take a long break. Don’t worry TravelerCounty have got your back, here’s the list of places where you can go to relax over a weekend.

Top 10 places you can visit near Mumbai:

1. Lonavala- Hill stations for Monsoons

Lonavala Tourism

Lonavala, part of Sahyadri hills is the staple destination for people from Pune and Mumbai. A place with lakes, dense forests, hills and waterfalls all around it offers tourists a scenic view and is a must visit place. While you are in Lonavala do visit the nearby spots Rajmachi and Khandala.

  • Why to Visit:
    • Tiger’s Leap: Tourist pulling attraction during monsoons, gives a picturesque view from over 650 metres.
    • Bushi Dam: During monsoons people find it hard to even find a spot to stand and look at the manmade wonder.
    • Lonavala Lake: Perfect for a night stay this site offers sports activities.
    • Adventure activities: sleep under the stars or challenge yourself to reach the top of a mountain, Lonavala has it all for you.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Lonavala is less than 90 kilometres from Mumbai.
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 4,000.
    • How to travel: Due to this short distance, the ideal mode of transportation is car or a bus.
    • Best time to travel: Lonavala should be visited during Monsoons, however you can go there any time of the year.
    • Who to travel with: A trip to Lonavala is ideally done with friends and partners.

2. Matheran- Smallest hill station of India

Matheran Tourism

Nestled in the Sahyadri range it is one of the few hill stations on Earth where no vehicles are allowed and the only one in all of Asia, at all. A hill station with at least 36 viewpoints gives awestriking views. It is said that Matheran is the smallest hill station of India however the breathtaking views it offers can put many hill stations to shame.

  • Why to Visit:
    • Panorama Point: The perfect place to view the sunrise.
    • Monkey Point: With good views you will see various breeds of Monkeys and Baboons.
    • Echo Point: Along with gorgeous view, this place offers you the chance to shout your lungs out.
    • Porcupine Point: apart from the view of the gorge, it offers a view of the Prabalgad Fort.
    • Shivaji’s ladder: While coming back from ‘One tree hill’ even the best of adventure seekers find this walk thrilling.
    • Adventure activities: Trekking, Rappeling, and Rock climbing are some of the many activities that can be done here.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: You cannot directly go to Matheran, you will have to go to Neral which is about 70 kilometres from Mumbai.
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 3,500.
    • How to travel: Since no automobiles are allowed there, we recommend you to drive to Neral and then take a train to Matheran hills. Or else you can take your car to any nearby town and start trekking or take a horse ride.
    • Best time to travel: Best time to travel to Matheran is between March and June (Summers)
    • Who to travel with: A trip to Matheran is well enjoyed with your partner and friends.

3. Mahabaleshwar- Fancy some strawberries?

Mahabaleshwar Tourism

Located in the Satara district, the hill town is best known for its magnificent strawberry farms along with dense forests, waterfalls, and hills. One of the most sought after places for a quick weekend getaways it offers tourists a relaxing environment to rejuvenate themselves.

  • Why to visit:
    • Elephant’s Head Point: Famous for the splendour and peacefulness of the site
    • Venna Lake: Constructed by the Raja of Satata, Shri Appasaheb Maharaj even offers boat rides
    • Connaught Peak: The second highest peak in the hills
    • Panchgani: surrounded by 5 hills offers some beautiful sunrise and sunset points.
    • Table Land: Mahabaleshwar’s highest point is the second largest plateaus in all of Asia.
    • Arthur’s Seat: Also known as the suicide point is called the queen of all points.
    • Adventure activities: Mahabaleshwar has a lot to offer, from boating to trekking and Rock climbing to horse riding.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Distance between Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai is around 250kms
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 5,000.
    • How to travel: Mostly people like to travel by road to mahabaleshwar.
    • Best time to travel: Mahabaleshwar should be visited in mid to late winters, from December to February.
    • Who to travel with: We advise you to visit Mahabaleshwar with friends or your partner.

4. Alibag- Mini Goa in Maharashtra

Alibaug Beach

Also known Alibaug, the town is situated south of Mumbai in Western part of India. A town with ample temples and forts, unpolluted air and plenty of sandy beaches offering various activities ensures you will not get bored here.

  • Why to visit:
    • Kolaba Fort: also known as Kulaba and Alibag fort was built by Shivaji over 300 years ago
    • Alibaug Beach: Alibag forst is visible from this beach along with the picturesque view of the sunset at the Arabian Sea.
    • Mandwa: Famous by its use in multiple Bollywood movies, it can be reached by ferries. It offers a view of the Gateway of India in Mumbai.
    • Vrindavan farm: stretched on over 28 acres of land is the perfect place for a day trip close to nature.
    • Adventure activities: The town will offer you activities like Scuba Diving, Speed boat rides, and Parasailing among many others.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Alibag is less than 100 kilometres from Mumbai
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 4,500.
    • How to travel: Mostly people like to travel by their own car to Alibag.
    • Best time to travel: We recommend planning your trip during Winter (November to February)
    • Who to travel with: A trip to Alibag can be enjoyed with either family, friends, or romantic partners.

5. Kamshet- for the adventurous soul


Renowned for its paragliding and flying schools, Kamshet is often featured in the list of top 10 places in India for adventurous fanatics. This places takes you closer to the rural life with its houses made of mud and village markets.

  • Why to visit:
    • Shinde Wadi Hills: idea spot for paragliding beginners
    • Pawna Lake: An artificial lake formed by Pavana dam.
    • Bedsa Caves: Amongst the oldest caves in Maharashtra dating back to 60 BC.
    • Bhairi Caves: Situated at heights of Kamshet known for still continuing animal sacrifice rituals.
    • Adventure activities: Start with what the place is famous for, Paragliding, and then continue your trip with trekking.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Kamshet is just 100 kilometres from Mumbai.
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 5,000.
    • How to travel: You can reach this town by road, it will be the best mode of transportation that can be used.
    • Best time to travel: Visit Kamshet during winters and early summers (October to March)
    • Who to travel with: Take a trip with your friends here.

6. Ajanta and Ellora Caves- UNESCO heritage listed caves

Ajanta Caves

One of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site is one of the best example of ancient rock cut caves in the world. There are a total of 63 caves in Ajanta and Ellora which were built between 200 BC and 1100 AD. These caves Hindu and Jain temples along with Buddhist monasteries.

  • Why to visit:
    • Ajanta Caves: Showcases the Buddhist culture through the art of sculptures and paintings, contains a total of 29 caves.
    • Old Kailash Temple: Carved out of a single stone, this is world’s biggest Megalith took around 400 years to build.  
    • Biwi ka Maqbara: Also known as Biwi ka Makbara seems like a mini Taj Mahal.
    • Ellora Caves: Consisting of 34 caves has a better mix of Jain, Hindu and Buddhist culture as compared to Ajanta caves.
    • Daualatabad Fort: Built in the 12th century is considered to be an architectural wonder.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Ajanta and Ellora caves are just 350 kilometres from Mumbai
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 4,000.
    • How to travel: Take the train or flight to Aurangabad or travel by raod, which will take around seven and a half hour drive.
    • Best time to travel: Best seasons to visit these caves are Monsoon and Winter, from July to September and November to February respectively.
    • Who to travel with: We advise you to visit these caves with friends and family.

7. Bhandardara- Queen of Sahyadri range


Nestled in Sahyadri range, it is surrounded with plush greenery, and striking waterfalls. Located in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra the small hill station has a lot to offer to its visitors from picturesque views to calmness of nature.

  • Why to visit:
    • Umbrella Falls: getting an impression of an umbrella from the water pushed from the Wilson Dam, this site is like no other.
    • Wilson Dam: situated 150m over the sea level is one of the oldest dams of India built-in 1910.
    • Arthur Lake: A placid lake surrounded by canopied jungle is a sight to the sore eyes.
    • Kalsubai Peak: People visiting Bhandardara gets an amazing view of the highest peak of the Sahyadri range.
    • Adventure activities: From trekking to camping to angling this place has it all.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Bhandardara is only160 kilometres from Mumbai
    • Budget: A typical 2-day trip will cost you around Rs. 3,000.
    • How to travel: the nearest railway station is 42 kilometres from Bhandardara, you can also use your own car which will be a 5 hour drive.
    • Best time to travel: Even though it can be visited at any time of the year, we recommend visiting this place in summers (March to June) followed by Monsoon (July to September).
    • Who to travel with: A trip with friends will be enjoyed.

8. Kolad- Water rafting in Maharashtra

Rafting in Kolad

Known for the beautiful cascades, lush forests the tiny village situated in Raigad district in Maharashtra is gaining footfall from adventure seekers. Indulge in river rafting in the fastest flowing river of south India Kundalika.

  • Why to visit:
    • Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls: known as Valse, it attracts thousands of tourists every year.
    • Devkund Waterfall: Water falling from forest atop makes a small pond in which people like to relax.
    • Bhira Dam: Built-in 1927 is the source of water for Kundalika River.
    • Ghosala Fort: a fort with temples and a dargah nests between Revdanda and Salav Creeks.
    • Kuda Mandad Caves: a cluster of 13 Buddhist caves are located in Janjira Hills.
    • Adventure activities: from rafting to camping and rappelling to parasailing this place has something for everyone.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Distance between Kolad and Mumbai is just 120 kilometres.
    • Budget: A typical 2-day trip will cost you around Rs. 4,500.
    • How to travel: Travelling by train from Mumbai is very easy as Kolad has its own railway station, or you can travel by road as well.
    • Best time to travel: You can visit Kolad from late summers to winters (June to February). Note, some activities may not be available in certain seasons.
    • Who to travel with: We advise you to visit these caves with friends, partners and family, this place will not let you down.

9. Daman- City with a rich history


Daman’s history is over 2000 years old, surrounded by the Arabian Sea and states of Maharashtra and Gujarat; it offers beaches, greenery, and cut-rate liquor making it a popular harbour amongst the youth.

  • Why to visit:
    • Devka Beach: one of the few unpolluted beaches left in India offers a sight that cannot be missed.
    • Mirasol Lake Garden: a manmade wonder with a beautiful lake and two islands joined by a bridge.
    • Lighthouse: This site offers a breathtaking view of the sunset
    • Adventure activities: Take a horse ride at the beach or find yourself doing Paragliding, the city has a lot to offer.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Daman is merely 180 kilometres from Mumbai which makes it very accessible.
    • Budget: A typical 2-day trip will cost you around Rs. 3,500.
    • How to travel: Take a train to Vapi and from there take a taxi to reach Daman or take your own car and enjoy a beautiful drive.
    • Best time to travel: Best time to visit Daman is between November to January (Winter).
    • Who to travel with: A trip to Daman with your partner or friends will be thoroughly enjoyed.

10. Murud- beautiful beaches and forts


The perfect place to get away for the city dwellers to enjoy, relax, and rejuvenate. Murud with its sandy beaches, the marvel of forts and picturesque backdrop make is a very popular destination for a weekend getaway from Mumbai.

  • Why to visit:
    • Murud-Janjira Fort: We recommend you to visit this place just for the carvings at the entrance of the fort.
    • Murud Beach: Beach with white sand offers cool breeze and warm water
    • Garambi Falls: Water falling from the height of 100 metres surrounded by forest helps relax your nerves.
    • Ahmedganj Palace: A palace covering 45 acres shows a perfect blend of Mughal and Gothic architecture.
    • Adventure activities: Jet Ski rides and bumper tube ride are some of the water sport activities that you can indulge yourself in.
  • Other details:
    • Distance: Murud is just 160 kilometres from Mumbai.
    • Budget: A typical 2-day trip will cost you around Rs. 3,000.
    • How to travel: the Nearest train station is 40 kilometres from Murud, from there you can take a cab. Although you can use your own car to travel to Murud as it is only a 4-hour drive.
    • Best time to travel: Best season to visit Murud is Winter, between November to February.
    • Who to travel with: We advise you to visit these Murud with your friends.



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