If you are in Mumbai, travelling to Goa may not always be feasible. How about maintaining the vibe of being in Goa and not even getting out of your zone to have fun? Well, Manori is the place. Did you know that Manori is Goa within Mumbai and people love flocking to this place for fun and frolic with kids and friends? If you want the best weekend getaway from Mumbai and have the best of your time, Manori it is! An adventure trip is always necessary for killing that strenuous work schedule. You may want to have a look around of this place when you are in and around Mumbai. This should one on your bucket list of To Do in Mumbai. What makes this place special is the 2-kilometer-long beach walk that can be a casual one or a romantic one; depending up on the company you take with you. The beach is surrounded by cashew and coconut trees to elevate the level of beauty. Do you still not believe such a place exists? Only your eyes will tell you the truth.

Located in the northern part of Mumbai, Dharavi, Manori is a youthful place that will make you fall in love with the vibe. Manori’s beach is the most attractive location in Manori that people talk about after their visit. Goa’s fun and vibe can be found only in this part of Mumbai without having to go to Goa.


The distance of Manori from Mumbai is 50 kilometers approximately. You can reach the location in 45 minutes or one hour at the max if you are driving too slow or obviously do not get stuck in the famous Mumbai traffic (all pun intended). The distance from Pune is 191 kilometers and the distance can be covered in five to six hours by road. It can also be a weekend getaway from Alibag as the distance is not much to cover. It is 139 kilometers approximately. From Delhi, the distance is 1500 kilometers approximately.


You will be happy to know the budget that you may need when you visit Manori is lesser compared to the budget for other cities. One person’s cost for a day in Manori will not be less than Rs 2000. The higher limit will not be less than Rs 10000. If you want to spend more than the said amounts, the choice is yours. After all, it is your money. You can splurge it the way you want to.

Things to do in Manori

1. Manori Beach

Manori Beach

The first place that you need to visit when in Manori is the gorgeous beach. As already mentioned, the sight of cashew and coconut trees with the long walk will take your breath away. Unlike other beaches in Maharashtra, it is peaceful and quiet. Most importantly, it is also less polluted.

2. Essel World

Essel World

Do you remember the ad we used to watch during the 90s of Essel world? That amusement park is situated right near Manori Beach. So, when you are in Manori, your adventure trip will get its height by being here. People accompanied by friends will enjoy it more than anyone else. With many rides available for you, your adrenaline will know no bound.

3. Beach Party

Beach Party in Manori

Goa is known for parties. While Manori is another Goa within Mumbai, where you can enjoy parties too. Beach parties happen in Madh Island, a popular place near Manori. You may not have to go to Madh Island all the time for beach parties. You can be in Manori and enjoy beach parties that will be really exciting. Your weekend getaway can’t get any better.

4. Sufi Dargah

Sufi Dargah Manori

This may sound off track but Sufi Dargah is a place where people like to go for some religious vibe. Manori is not just famous for parties and beach, you also get spiritual feeling there. You can hear traditional Sufi music being played that enhances the moment on the beach with your partner.

5. The Old Portuguese Church

The Old Portuguese Church

Churches are known for terrific architecture. This church in Manori is not as huge as other in the country, however, the presence of this church makes the place more like the city Goa. The typical architecture of this church will make you feel like you are in Goa for sure.

6. Nath Sampradaya Ashrams

Nath Sampradaya Ashrams

There are two ashrams dedicated to Nath sampradaya. These ashrams were built by Swami Gagangiri Maharaj and Swami Gagananand Maharaj. These ashrams are popular for meditation. The “Pin Drop Silence” is apt for the purpose of meditation. Hence, people who are spiritual like to visit these ashrams. There is no hard and fast rule that people on an adventure trip can’t go to these ashrams.

7. Samudreshwar Temple

Samudreshwar Temple

As you enter Marve-Manori jetty, you will find this temple of Lord Shiva. Hindus like to visit this temple and offer their prayers for the fulfillment of their wishes. If you are in Mumbai or Manori, don’t forget to be here. People on family trip will ensure that they get to see this temple.

How to reach Manori?

It is a little different travel to Manori. If you are in Manori or planning to go to Mumbai, you need to take a car to Marve. From there, you need to take a ferry to this place. It makes for an interesting adventure trip with friends.

If travelling by train, the nearest railway station is Malad. From there, you travel to Marve and then follow the same process.

For travelling by air, you need to fly to Mumbai and then take a car or public transport to Marve. From there, you take a ferry again. Manori has an unconventional way of travel. People don’t mind undertaking that for the difference in feel it provides.

Best Time to Visit Manori

Although you can travel to Manori throughout the year, the best time will be during winters. Travelling from October to March will make it a fruitful tour. Avoid Monsoon if you can as the weather gets too humid making your body feel sticky, and again Mumbai rains are known to all (again, all pun intended).

Nearby Places to Manori

Manori is close to various other places. Pune, Mumbai, Alibaug are a few names that you must visit when you are in Manori.

Whether, you take a family trip, solo trip or an adventure trip with friends, you will not regret the decision.

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