Everyone knows the name Ooty. However, it is the short form of Udhagamandalam, and we cannot thank the person/organization that did it, otherwise, nobody would have visited this place (all pun intended). A resort town in the mountains of the Western Ghats of the state Tamil Nadu, Ooty is a popular holiday destination among Indians and travelers from across the globe. It is one of the best holiday destinations for a family trip. People from nearby places frequently undertake a weekend getaway with friends and colleagues. The city is at an elevation of 2240 meters from the sea level, the city is a beauty that none can ignore. The lush green mountains and bright blue sky are the identifications of this small town.

It is known as the Queen of the Nilgiris as it is nestled around the beautiful Nilgiri hills. Someone who is looking to be closest to nature should visit Ooty for being a warm place for nature lovers. Most movies in Bollywood have been shot in Ooty as the lanes amidst the mountains are just breathtakingly beautiful. Solo trip travelers like the simplicity of the hill station and visit the city frequently for earning some solace from the hectic city life.


A popular city Coimbatore is closest to Ooty comparatively. It is at a distance of 86 kilometers. Mysore is at a distance of 128 kilometers, Thiruvananthapuram is 327 kilometers away, Chennai is at a distance of 432 kilometers. Bangalore is not too far and travelers of all ages like to travel to Ooty for some respite from the scorching heat and humidity. The distance is 199 kilometers only. It is also one of the favorite weekend getaways from Bangalore. Kerala is at a distance of 170 kilometers only. If you are in and around these places, you should visit Ooty and vice versa. The capital of Delhi is 1918 kilometers away from the hill station.


Your budget can be a basic one when visiting Ooty. As it is a small hill station with simplicity all around, you will need a minimum budget of Rs 3000 for a two-night stay. The higher side totally depends on how much you would like to spend on and over the said budget.

Things to do in Ooty

1. Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Most hill stations have a toy train, and we must have also seen them in various movies of Bollywood. Ooty has a toy train service that travels not too long a distance. You get on it and set on an adventure ride of about 46 kilometers. People on an adventure trip will definitely love the feeling of being on this train. The total time that one will need to cover this distance is approximately 5 hours. Something that will be truly striking during this journey is the greenery that you will cross.

2. Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake

Hill stations and lake go hand in hand. One has to have a look at the lakes around when in a hill station. Ooty lake is one spectacular place that can de-stress any mind. Not at a very far distance from the city, precisely only 2 kilometers, you find this place of gorgeousness. The area that the lake covers is 65 acres and gives a view that anyone can instantly fall in love. If you are a lover of clicking photos, you must carry a good quality camera to this place and click some photos. They will be social network worthy.

3. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

This Lake serves as a picnic spot too. One can be close to nature and enjoy some lip-smacking meal here. Located in the upper region of the Nilgiri hills, it is still virgin and very much unexplored, making it a less polluted and more peaceful place to spend time. It is no wonder that this lake is a stunner in Ooty. The lake is also a picture-perfect point. Red Hill Nature resort is close to this lake. If you are there, make a plan for visiting this lake too.

4. Rose Garden

Rose Garden Ooty

Do you love roses? This is a rhetorical question because we all know how flowers can make anyone’s life beautiful. Someone who loves roses especially will love to visit this place. Honeymoon couples like this place and so do people on a family trip. You will find roses of different colors that will make you feel absolutely peaceful. Flowers have that quality and we all know that.

5. Kalhatti Falls

Kalhatti Falls
Image Source -Travelblog

Waterfalls have always been a point of attraction for people traveling from different parts of the country. Kalhatti Falls is a place that one likes to visit for the view it has. It is also known as Bird Watcher’s Paradise as you can see many birds from the point. Be it a weekend getaway with friends or an adventure trip, this waterfall is a must-see.

6. Coonoor

Lamb’s Rock
Image Source – Nilgiris District

This small village, close to Ooty, is a place that hosts many places for travelers. Some of the interesting places that one can visit in Coonoor are Droog Fort, Lamb’s Rock, Simi’s Park, Catherine Falls, Kotagiri and a few more sites. Kotagiri is one of the best in the city for the green that you see everywhere.

7. Trekking

Doddabetta Peak
Image Source – TripAdvisor

As it is a region that is full of mountains, trekking is an activity that enables the required adrenaline. Adventure trip travelers can make the most of this activity here in Ooty. Doddabetta Peak is one place that accommodates trekking in Ooty. Get ready with your trekking shoes and apparel that suit the weather and the activity.

8. Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake

A lake that truly depicts nature and clear surrounding is Avalanche Lake. The lake is visited by most tourists for its beauty that can hypnotize anyone. Flowers, Rocky Mountains, and waterfall add to the beauty of this place. It is also an ideal location to click photos.

9. Waterfalls

Waterfalls in ooty

There are more falls in Ooty and they are extremely beautiful to the eyes. A few names that are really popular are Halashana falls, Katari falls, and Catherine falls. You will love to be around these falls and make some memories with your friends and family.

10. Adventure activities

Hang Gliding

As a hill station, Ooty not just offer trekking activities, it also offers activities such as Hang Gliding, Angling, Boating, and even Horse Riding.

The list is a never-ending one as the place has several places that you can visit and add to your travel diary. If it is a long vacation in the mountains, you may want to visit most of the places.

How to Reach Ooty?

The nearest places to Ooty are Tiruppur and Coimbatore. The distances being 105 kilometers and 90 kilometers respectively. If you wish to take a bus from there, you can get one. If not, you can also hire a taxi that will lead you to the hill station.

Road trips to Ooty are extremely mesmerizing for the view one can enjoy while on their journey.

The nearest airport is Coimbatore. Once you reach there, you can take public transport and reach Ooty.

The nearest railway stations are Tirupur and Coimbatore. These two stations are connected to Mettupalayam and one can board a toy train from this station.

Best Time to Travel Ooty

Most places are not recommended during rain. However, you can visit Ooty even during the rainy season. The rainwater doesn’t stop you from being lethargic as the surrounding gets beautiful and cleaner. The best time, however, is from October to June.

Have the best time of your time with a short family trip to Ooty. If you are tired working, and you live nearby, planning a weekend getaway is a good idea.

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