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Delhi, the National Capital, has it all, from contemporary architecture to centuries old heritage monuments. Delhi is the heartbeat of India with its myriad varieties in food, shopping, sightseeing, education, and fashion. Nonetheless, city has a very fast paced life and everyone is looking for a quick escape to find some peace and to relax for a bit to charge themselves up.

Let’s take a look at the list of these beautiful places you can visit for a short yet relaxing trip:

1. Deeg- Summer home of the kings


The summer home of the kings of Bharatpur is around 180 kilometres from Delhi. City has many forts, havelis, and palaces. Alwar, Mathura, and Bharatpur are both in close proximity to Deeg. Tourist are attracted to this town for its landscapes and peaceful atmosphere.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Deeg Palace: The Fort was built by Hindu king in 1770 but the architecture is influenced by the Mughals and has 900 fountains. The fort is closed on Fridays.
    • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Also known as Keoladeo National Park is a UNESCO Heritage site
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Distance between Delhi and Deeg is just over 180 kilometres
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 7,500.
    • How to travel: You can take your own car or a taxi to reach Deeg.
    • Best time to travel: Visiting Deeg between October and March will be the best time to visit.
    • Who to travel with: A trip with friends or family will be thoroughly enjoyed.

2. Rishikesh- World’s Yoga Capital

Triveni Ghat Rishikesh

Interestingly, Rishikesh rose to fame when the English rock band ‘Beatles’ visited it in the year 1968 to partake in TM (Transcendental Meditation) at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram along with the religious beliefs associated with the place. With the holy Ganga (Ganges) river running along the city and surrounded by hills, the feel is surreal when you visit this town. A town of internationally acclaimed ashrams recognised as centres for yoga, metaphysical studies, and meditation has a pleasing weather throughout the year. By law it is a vegetarian and alcohol free city. Haridwar, Mussoorie, and Dehradun are all close to Rishikesh.

  • Places to visit:
    • Jhula: RamJhula and LaxmanJhula both bring in a lot of tourists from across the globe
    • Rishikund: Said to be the place where Goddess Yamuna blessed St. Kubz who filled the pond with water.
    • Triveni Ghat: At the heart of this city is the ghat were pilgrims take dip in the holy water before visiting the temples.
    • Adventure: Camping, Trekking, and river rafting is what brings the youth to this place than the former.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Situated less than 250 kilometres from Delhi.
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 3,500.
    • How to travel: You can take your own car or a taxi to reach Rishikesh.
    •  Best time to travel: Tourists visit Rishikesh from Mid-September to April
    • Who to travel with: You will enjoy the trip with friends or family, both!!

3. Mussoorie- Queen of the Hills

Mussoorie Tourism

With less than 300 kilometres of distance from Delhi, it is amongst the most famous hill stations of India. Loved by both honeymooners and leisure seekers sits at a height of 2000 metres from the sea level. It is very close to Rishikesh, Dehradun, Dhanaulti, and Chakrata. People can see Ganga River from one end and Yamuna River from another along with walks in solitude and view of the city Dehradun.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Lal Tibba: Highest peak in Mussoorie at the height of over 2400 metres from the sea level provides some of stunning views along with sunrise.
    • Gun Hill: second highest hill of Mussoorie is accessible via cable cart and offers great sight of the Himalayan Range.
    • The Mall: Chief shopping area of the town, the road stretches from Kulri till the Library and have some awesome cafes and restaurants along with apparel showrooms. One cannot go to Mussoorie and not eat at the famous Lovely Omelette Centre.
    • Cloud’s End: A hotel where tourists from all over the world go just for the view.
    • Kempty Falls: picturesque waterfall surrounded by huge mountains.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Situated less than 300 kilometres from Delhi.
    •  Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you in the ballpark of Rs. 5,000.
    • How to travel: Mussoorie is accessible by Train, Flight and Road, however we recommend our readers to have a road trip.
    • Best time to travel: Best time to visit are Winters and Summers from September to June.
    • Who to travel with: a perfect honeymoon destination can also be enjoyed with friends and family.

4. Haridwar- Uttarakhand’s Char Dhams’ Gateway


At the bank of Ganga (Ganges) River is situated a small town called Haridwar, considered as one of the 7 holiest cities of India. Pilgrims visiting Uttarakhand’s Char Dhams (also referred to as Chota Char Dham) Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri do halt here and partake in the mesmerizing evening Aarti at Har Ki Pauri’s Aarti and dip in the Ganga River. Jageshwar, Rudrapryag, and Rishikesh are all close to Haridwar.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Hari Ki Pauri: It is said people who takes a dip in Ganga River at Kar Ki Parri are relieved of all sins.
    • Mansa Devi: A temple situated on top of Shivalik hills and gives a blissful view of the Haridwar city
    • Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary: Home to bears, elephants, tigers, and numerous breed of birds was merged with Rajaji National Park.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Haridwar is less than 250 kilometres from Delhi.
    •  Budget: A typical 2 day trip should not cost you more than Rs. 5,000.
    • How to travel: Haridwar is connected via all three mode of transportation. If you plan to cover additional places we recommend using your own car to travel to Haridwar. 
    • Best time to travel: Haridwar can be travelled to throughout the year.
    • Who to travel with: Travel with family or with friends, however we recommend you to visit Haridwar alone at least once in your life.

5. Auli- Fancy some Skiing?

Auli Tourism

Spellbinding views to treks to apple orchids, Auli has it all. Auli is famous for the captivating Ski resorts, snowy valleys, and tempts the thrill seekers along with people looking for a relaxing time away from hustle and bustle of a metro city.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Gurso Bugyal: offering tourists with picturesque views of the Himalays will need a 3 km trek or take ropeway.
    • Chattrakund: Lake with crystal clear water.
    • Kwani Bugyal: 12 kilometres from Gurso Bugyal should be visited between June and September.
    • Joshimath: One of the four maths is said to be the residing place of Shri Badrinath during winters. Take the highest cable car of Asia from Auli to reach Joshimath.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Auli is less than 400 kilometres from Delhi and will take close to 10 hour drive to reach there.
    •  Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 7,000.
    • How to travel: Closest airport and railway station are over 200 kilometres away from Auli. So we recommend taking a bus or own car to reach Auli.
    • Best time to travel: Auli can be visited anytime of the year, however to witness snowfall and partake in Skiing we suggest going between August to January.
    • Who to travel with: Travel with your partner, friends or family. Auli won’t disappoint you.

6. Dehradun- City of Valley


Situated amidst the Himalayan Range, Dehradun is one of the oldest city in India. It is said Lord Rama and Lord Laxman came here to atone for killing Ravana. This town has a pleasing weather throughout the year, known for caves, waterfalls, and adventure activities you will love Dehradun no matter who accompanies you. Mussoorie, Kalsi, Rishikesh, and Dhanaulti are all in close proximity to the city.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Robber’s Cave: river running inside a 600m long cave.
    • Forest Research Institute: A museum within a well knock building dedicated to forestry which opens from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.
    • Malsi Deer Park: among the most visited destination at the base of Shivalik ranges.
    • Adventure activities: One of the prominent adventure activity is paragliding or go trekking at Nag Tibba. Indulge in Photo walking at Old Rajpur Road or if you fancy camping under the stars at George Everest Park.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Dehradun is a little over 250 kms away from Delhi.
    •  Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 5,000.
    • How to travel: Dehradun is well connected from Delhi, you can take a flight or a train and if you don’t mind a 6 hour drive, you can drive to Dehradun.
    • Best time to travel: Dehradun can be visited all throughout the year, but the best time is from March to June.
    • Who to travel with: We recommend travelling to Dehradun with your family or friends.

7. McLeod Ganj- Little Lhasa


A hill station popular among trekkers has a lovely blend of Indian, Tibetan and British culture. Home of Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, the city is also called Little Lhasa. The small hill station is known to have the landscapes that is unsurpassed in entire Himachal Pradesh. Kangra, Dharamshala, and Palampur are very close to it and are worth visiting when you are here. When here you must visit Dal Lake.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Bhagsu Falls: situated on the main road connecting Mcleodganj with Dharamshala, waterfall starts at Dhauladhar Valley.
    • Namgyal Monastery: The largest Tibetan temple which is not in Tibet.
    • Tsuhlagkhang Complex: Residing place of Dalai Lama.
    • Triund: a trek which offers picturesque view of Moon Peak- Indera Pass.
    • Dharamkot: Situated on top of the hill, grants entrancing view of the Kangra Valley.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: McLeod Ganj is less than 500 kilometres from the national capital.
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 7,000.
    • How to travel: Take a flight to Dharamshala, it’ll be the most thrilling flight of your life. However if you don’t fancy thrills, you can always take a car.
    • Best time to travel: McLeod Ganj should be visited in winters (October to February) or summers (March to June)
    • Who to travel with: A solo trip here is a must, nonetheless a trip with friends can be enjoyed thoroughly too.

8. Amritsar- City of Golden Temple


Getting its name from Amrit Sarovar, amidst which stand the most holy of Sikh shrines, the Golden temple. Punjab’s chief festival Baishkhi is celebrated unlike in another state of the country. Amritsar offers one of the finest Punjabi foods. McLeod Ganj, Dalhousie, Jammu, and Khajjar are close to this city. The city also has the famous Jallianwala Bagh and Attari Border.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Golden Temple: Also called Swarna mandir and Shri Harmandir sahib often feeds 50,000 people a day.
    • Attari Border: also known as Wagah border is just 22 kms from Lahore and 28kms from Amritsar.
    • Jallianwala Bagh: this garden still has the marks of the bullets from that dark day of Indian history.
  • Other details: 
    • Distance: Distance between Delhi and Amritsar is around 450 kms.
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 7,000.
    • How to travel: Amritsar can be reached by Flight, Train and Road. Typical travelling time will be 7-10 hours.
    • Best time to travel: Amritsar should be visitied between October to March.
    • Who to travel with: Take a trip with family and friends and you’ll not be disappointed.

9. Chandigarh- India’s best planned city!


A union territory that serves as the capital to both Punjab and Haryana is the prime example of how a city should be built in harmony with the nature. Chandigarh is also called ‘The City Beautiful’. Shimla, Kasauli and Solan are all in close proximity to this city.

  • Places to Visit:
    • Sukhna Lake: situated right at the footsteps of Shivalik range offers mesmerising views.
    • Rock garden: a 64 acre open air exhibition hall made out of wastes.
    • Rose Garden: if you want to be close to nature, this is the place to be.
    • Shanti Kunj: A garden divided by a natural stream, dividing it into 5 islands.
    • Terraced Garden: The famous annual Chrysanthemum show which takes places in December happens here.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Distance between Delhi and Chandigarh is a little over 300 kms
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 8,000.
    • How to travel: Amritsar can be reached by Flight, Train and Road.
    • Best time to travel: The city must be visited between August and December.
    • Who to travel with: Take a trip with family and friends.

10. Damdama lake- A getaway nobody knows about!

Boating in Damdama

Situated off the Gurugram-Alwar Road, it was commissioned by the British for rainwater harvesting in the year 1947. Today, people can see around 190 species of birds here and the lake stretches around 3,000 acres making it the biggest lake in Haryana. The lake is also famous for its adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, camping, and more.

  • What to do here:
    • Resorts: Damdama Lake houses a lot of resorts including Taj Gateway Resort.
    • Activities: Take part in activities like rock climbing, trekking, boating, camping, angling, and Hot Air Ballooning and Para Sailing rides. Please note, the last two activites needs prior group booking.
  • Other Details:
    • Distance: Damdama laske is less than 60 kilometres from Delhi making it the most accessible spot in Delhi NCR.
    • Budget: A typical 2 day trip will cost you around Rs. 4,000.
    • How to travel: use your own car to travel.
    • Best time to travel: Visit Damdama Lake between August and February.
    • Who to travel with: A trip with either friends or family will be worth going.

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