For those who desire to have a closer look at the Himalaya or the 180-degree view, Mukteshwar is the place to be. A tinsel town in Nainital, Uttarakhand, you will be happy to visit the place for being far from pollution. If you are planning for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the metro life, Mukteshwar fulfills that desire of yours. The town is at an elevation of 2171 meters and gives one the view that can take one’s breath away. Fruit orchards surround this place along with virgin forests. The name of the place is dedicated to the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mukteshwar Dham. Make your adventure trip into an ecstatic family trip by visiting Mukteshwar. It is a combination of adventure sports and solidarity.

The best part about visiting this place in the Kumaon hills is it being closer to other beautiful places; Gorakhal, Bowali, and Ramgarh. After you have explored Mukteshwar, do make plans for these places for the perfect closure to your trip. The picturesque view of the Himalaya from the top is the icing on the cake during this tour.

Why should you visit Mukteshwar?

1. Mukteshwar Temple

Mukteshwar Temple

The place has its significance owing to Mukteshwar Dham. Your tour will be incomplete without visiting the temple.

2. Sonapani


Do you want to experience the lazy lives we used to lead in the past? A life devoid of gadgets and technology is what we can’t imagine now. How about understanding the real essence of travelling and staying away from these gadgets and Wi-Fi? Yes, Sonapani, less explored spot has that for you. You spend your days picking fruits and appreciating the nature. There can’t be anything better than this. Let your adventure trip be an adventurous one. This type of stay becomes more relevant when you are on a solo trip.

3. Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

People generally visit this place for the Sunrise view. In case one wants to stay over, they can. You need to take prior permission for your stay.

4. Chauli ki Jaali

Chauli ki Jali

A very popular destination in Mukteshwar is Chauli ki Jaali. It is also known as Chauthi Jaali. According to the ancient stories, it is believed that Gods and Goddesses fought a major battle in Chauli ki Jhaali. You can also see the marks of swords being used in that battle.

5. Sitla

trekking Sitla

Love trekking? This is the place where you should be. It is a hill station in Mukteshwar. The popularity this place has gained is owing to the Bungalow that looked that used in the days of colonization. Planning for a family trip near Delhi with loads of adventure on your plate? Mukteshwar has it for you.

6. Methodist Church

methodist church

When you go to Chowfulli in Mukteshwar, you will be welcomed by a church that is unique for its carved structure. The sight to witness is the floor that is low. People love to see this and travel to another 40 kilometers from Mukteshwar.

7. Adventure Activities

Adventure trip

When in Rome, be like the Romans. With that saying, you must know that Mukteshwar is known for the adrenaline rush it provides to the hikers, trekkers and adventure seekers. You name a sport for adventure and the town has it. Right from paragliding, trekking, rapelling, sight seeing to rock climbing. Make the most of your adventure trip in the midst of Nature and come back smiling.

How to Reach Mukteshwar

To know how to reach this place, let us first calculate the distance of Mukteshwar from its nearby places. The distance from Delhi is 350 kilometers and if you take a car from the capital, you reach Mukteshwar in 7 to 8 hours. Considering you travel by bus or train; the time will differ. You get buses from ISBT New Delhi and trains from Anand Vihar. The time that you will spend is 10 to 11 hours. The best mode of transport is by your own car if you want to halt at different places and drool over the beauty that you pass by.

Travelling by car can be more enjoyable if you are on a trip with friends or with family. If you are travelling from other cities in India such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or Bangalore, you save time by travelling to Delhi by flight and then choosing any of the modes of transport explained. Your family trip near Delhi is sorted with these accessible modes of travelling to the hill station.


Consider keeping aside Rs 6000 for your two days stay in Mukteshwar. It isn’t a big budget for sure but a budget that need prior planning. Ask for quotes for trips with friends and stay away from sky high prices that may be the only choice left during peak season.

Best Time to Travel Mukteshwar

Both Summers and Winters are the best times for one to visit Mukteshwar. Monsoon makes the hill station extremely wet due to heavy and continuous rainfall. It makes it inconvenient for people to enjoy the place. Ensure you visit Mukteshwar from March to June in Summers and during October or November during winters. You don’t want your adventure trip to go in vain if you reach there in a season that is not favorable at all.

Final Words

Although a small hill station, it has a lot to make your trip a worthwhile one. You won’t regret the decision as sometimes, big things come in small packages.

A trip is complete when you have the best company not when you have the best place. A place becomes the best for the experience you have with people around. Be it an adventure trip, a solo trip or a family trip near Delhi, you will always be overwhelmed by the hill stations in Uttarakhand, Mukteshwar being one of them. The best part, if you are not from Delhi, NCR and you happen to visit Mukteshwar, apart from the other small towns mentioned, you can have a look around of the capital and carry memories that will only make you smile later.

There is nothing like a weekend getaway that rejuvenates your mind and body.

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