A place that is a quick weekend getaway from Delhi NCR and a favorite of most corporate employees is Lansdowne. It is a scenic beauty that is surreal in view and experience. Families also prefer visiting this abode of nature for some fun moments and ecstasy. The hill station is 1780 meters above the sea level. We have heard of natural lakes in several places. How about experiencing the fun in a place that has man-made lakes? Lansdowne is a perfect holiday destination for family and friends travelling. It is situated in Uttarakhand and has an area of 7 kilometer per square. Are you looking to have a close look at beauties of Uttarakhand? Lansdowne is the gateway that will connect you to Nainital, Mussorie, Auli, New Tehri, and Kura. Make your trip with friends memorable in this place.

Why should you make plans for Lansdowne?

There are many attractions that should attract you to visit Lansdowne. The reasons why you should make plans to go to Lansdowne are mentioned.

1. Bhulla Lake

Bhulla Lake lansdowne

Also popularly known as Bhulla Tal, this tourist attraction has been maintained by the Indian Army residing there. Enjoy short and soothing boat rides that will make your day. If you love birds, this lake is the spot for many unseen birds. A weekend getaway from Delhi and nearby places is definitely a plan you can’t miss.

2. Tin-in Top

Tin n Top

Nature is seen at its best from here. You get an amazing and magnificent view of the mountain ranges that only makes your day seem better. Nature lover finds this spot as a heaven.

3. Gharwali mess

Gharwali Mess

Just like its interesting name, the history is interesting too. It is one of the oldest buildings in the town. Known to have been built in the nineteenth century, this building attracts tourists from across the globe. Lansdowne is a place known for innumerable adventure trips with friends. It is also a place that lets you view nature in the purest form.

4. Mary’s Architecture

Mary Lansdowne

Uttarakhand has the signs that it had the British impact to a great extent. Mary’s Church is a favorite among other tourist spots for the architecture of British influence.

5. Camping

camping chail

A hill station and no camping? That is quite not possible. If you have a few days to spare out of your busy schedule and you want to get immersed in the vacay mode, Lansdowne is the best weekend getaway from Delhi at offer.

6. Trekking


People in love with adventure and sports will love Lansdowne for the trekking path it has. You can enroll to trek while you get quotes for trip with friends. This way you save money and plan your trip better.

7. Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bhulla Lake has a few interesting birds for you to experience. If you otherwise love to watch birds in this hill station. It is a never seen or done moment that you will cherish forever.

8. Wildlife Tours


Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is a place that is visited by most of the visitors of Lansdowne. You will be happy to witness wildlife there. Different species including tigers, deer will mesmerize you. Try your luck and get into the wild side of the place.

9. Kaleshwar Temple

kaleshwar temple

A temple that is built in the devotion of Lord Shiva is another old building. Located at a peaceful site, the shrine is frequently visited by tourists of all ages. Turn your adventure trip into a peaceful one in one visit.

10. Mahashivratri Celebration

Are you an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and love to celebrate Shivratri in a grand manner, Lansdowne is where you should in that time of the year. The town is filled with colorful events that only make the place look more energetic. This happens in the month of February. Maha Shivratri in 2020 will be on 21st of February, so be sure you do not miss it and complain to us that we did not tell you the date, hahahah.

11. Local Cuisine

When you travel to a new place and get immersed in the beauty of the place, don’t forget to try the local cuisine there. The food tour completes your hunt for that Nirvana during travel.

When to visit Lansdowne?

The question arises is when should one visit Lansdowne? You can visit the place throughout the year. The best time, however, is the time from March to October. After that it is winter that is freezing. The hill station gets covered in white snow. If you are lucky enough, you also see the snowfall. Please note even though Lansdowne is one of the best place to visit in Monsoons, the place receives heavy rainfall.


If you travel to this hill station as a weekend getaway from Delhi NCR and want it to be affordable, your budget of Rs 5500 is feasible. Now, it also depends on the choice of hotel you stay. If it is an expensive one, the budget will surpass the said limit. As there is a saying, you can have a minimum budget but setting a maximum budget is almost impossible.

How to Travel to Lansdowne?

As the town is only 300 kilometers from Delhi, people prefer travelling by their personal car. Commercial cars are also frequently taken to the hill station. Time taken by car is 4 to 5 hours. If you like it to be a joyous ride with a big group, a bus ride will be a memorable one. You will reach in 6 to 7 hours. If it is a solo trip, you will enjoy the company of people travelling to the same destination. If you like travelling by train, the nearest railway station is Kotdwar. It is 40 kilometers and takes you approximately 1 hour to reach.

Lansdowne is a place that offers exclusive adventurous experience in the limited money you have. Without spending a fortune, you enjoy a trip with friends that will be engraved in your memory forever. If there is a long weekend coming your way or you have some time to spare with your loved one, Lansdowne should be on your list.

It is best to plan your trip in advance so that everything is spick and span rather than getting haphazard in the last minute. If travelling during summer, carry a few light winter clothing and if during winter, carry woolens that are thick and winter proof. The chill weather may take a toll on you. You don’t want to fall sick amidst the trip after you return.

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